• Commercial Cargo movement on a national and international basis
  • Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance 
  • Sea, Air and Road Freight 
  • Full packing and wrapping services including crating and container packing
  • Warehousing and storage solutions (also “Bond store” warehousing facilities with container handling  capabilities)
  • Containerized and Break-Bulk solutions
  • Logistical & Tariff Consultation


We are able to make sure that our clients’ needs are handle with the utmost of urgency via our own fleet of vehicles and a further access to over 200 long distance vehicles via a fleet of Owner operated vehicles that forms part of a panel that is available to us at any time that we are in need of additional vehicles. With this in mind we are able to handle all our clients’ needs for all types of cargo from the smaller loads to the big horse and trailer needs to abnormal requirements.
We offer all our clients a full scale operation on Sea freight for LCL, FCL and Break-bulk Cargo. We are able to book the cargo from any port to South Africa via our international network and our association with all the shipping lines for FCL cargo and our association with the co-loaders for LCL and Break-bulk cargo. Our import departments are fully conversant with all the necessary procedures to handle the cargo with urgency and get the cargo cleared via our local customs and excise offices we also are able to get the cargo delivered once the cargo has been cleared speedily with our own fleet or vehicles which makes it a whole lot easier, as we are able to cut cost for the clients and offer the best possible service.
We offer a fast and efficient airfreight service to all our clients, via our electronic services and especially noting the need for urgency., with our electronic link with customs and delivery with our own fleet of vehicles.
Airfreight is always treated with the utmost urgency due to clients need for their cargo as soon as is possible.


With regards to exports we again are able to assist our clients with the early placing of containers, delivery into stacks either for railing to the required ports or for road haul to the ports in times of urgent need, storing the containers and then making sure the containers are place into stacks for shipping. Our export departments are geared to handle all types are cargo for exports to the international community or for trucking by road to our neighbouring countries via our huge panel of owner operated vehicles who transport to these countries all the time.
Dynamic Freight is able to offer our export clients a full scale operation via our in house transport system, which enables us to collect cargo, for both LCL and FCL cargo with our own fleet of vehicles, co-ordinate the packing of FCL containers in our warehouse, arrange the packing of the cargo, palletizing and ensure that the cargo is ready for shipment when required. We also arrange the full required documentation via our in house customs clearing and forwarding system, whereby we are fully electronic and are able to not only advise the clients of the requirements, but are able to assist the clients with all their documentation needs.
Dynamic Freight offers our airfreight exports to all its clients as again, we are aware that certain cargo is time and date sensitive and also keeping the client’s needs in mind for urgency, we offer our clients a full scale operation which includes, packing, shrink-wrapping, fumigation, customs inspections to ensure a smooth handling for the cargo to leave timeously to get to its destination with the least bit of hassle.

Warehousing & Logistics

Dynamic Freight is able to offer all its clients warehousing and logistics, via our own warehouse both in Durban and Johannesburg for packing, palletizing, shrink wrapping, storage for duty free cargo.

We are able to pack or unpack containers should the need arise, store cargo, re-pack cargo, palletize and arrange delivery to any destination that is required by our clients.

We are able to assist client who cannot handle full containers at their premise, by unpacking the containers at our warehouse and then arrange re-delivery on our local trucks for any size of cargo that would make our clients handling the cargo easier for them.

Our warehouses has all the modern equipment that is required to handle cargo of any nature and our own fleet of vehicles vary from the small half ton vehicles, to the huge horse and trailers to handle the bigger cargo.

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